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Slovak Dumplings for Bryndozve halusky; can it be Primal?

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  • Slovak Dumplings for Bryndozve halusky; can it be Primal?

    So I had this dish a few months ago while travelling in Pressburg/Bratislava in Slovakia and it is considered the Slovak National Dish. I was on vacation and had it with a few pints of some tasty beer. While it was decidedly not primal, it sure was tasty and after walking for 10+ miles a day worth it and I even lost weight that trip.

    Anyway, this dish is basically potato dumplings, kind of like gnocchi, tossed with melted sheep's cheese and topped with bacon. Other than the dumplings, pretty primal, if you eat fermented dairy as I definitely do.

    Most of the online recipes mix close to equal parts grated potatos with flour. While the potatos are fine obviously the flour is not. I've seen some premade potato dumpling mixes like this with no flour in the ingredients. Panni Bavarian Potato Dumpling Mix, 6.88-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 12): Grocery & Gourmet Food

    Has anybody ever made dumplings without flour or can they recommend a premade mix without flour?

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    Perhaps you can adapt it from a gluten-free gnocchi recipe? You can make it from potato flour/starch.
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      My mom makes Lithuanian dish "Zeppelini" which is big potatoe dumplings filled with bacon and has cream - fried onion sauce on top. Delicious! They are so big, that normally one or 2 are enough for dinner. And mom doesn't use flour. I don't think that also the original recipe has any flour in it. Just a various proportion of boiled and raw grated potatoes for the "coat".


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        I'm just going to be lazy and make it from the Panni mix which does not list flour or any wheat producst as ingredients. The first ingredient is potatos. It's got some other questionable things but I probably only eat something like this once a year or so.

        If I cannot find a good sheep's cheese, I'll use a feta and sour cream or quark mix.


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          I looked at some gluten-free recipes for bryndzové halušky. Celiacs apparently use conventional gluten-free flours (basically mixtures of various starches) but the proportions of ingredients vary widely, and some recipes use eggs, while others do not.
          Have a look and run the ingredient lists through Google Translate if you are interested, or just ask.
          Bryndzové halu?ky - bezlepkové (fotorecept) - Recepty - (Slovak, with pictures!)
          Bezlepkové halu (Czech)
          Bezlepkov haluky recept - Chytr ena (Czech)
          Bezlepkov bryndzov haluky (Slovak)

          The variant with creamy sheep's cheese (it's not really melted, just creamy, and arguably difficult to find in other countries) and bacon is a true classic, but I have always preferred halušky with sauerkraut and bacon. Yummy!