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    I was, and am 25. As an adult recovery is brutal, 3 weeks on heavy-duty narcotic pain killers with plenty of breakthrough pain. meanwhile, the 6 year old I babysit got hers out last summer, she was groggy from the surgery the first day, complained of a mild headache and sore throat the second day (better with tylenol), and was running around with her brother the third day like nothing had happened. Not only are kids amazingly resilient in general (as I'm sure you've seen with a little one who lost her mom) but they have much less scar tissue to cut through and are much less likely to have complications. The research is pretty good that IF a kid is having major issues from tonsil and adenoid enlargement, they will be better off in the long run if they just have the suckers out. (the reason they don't do the surgery as routinely as they did when my parents were kids, is that they used to take em out after just one round of trouble, but it sounds like your niece is has had way more than that)

    the darn activia commercials have been freakishly convincing to people who don't know better. it's irritating.


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      There is a product you can get at whole foods, called BIO K.. It has 50 billion LIVE organisims... The best probiotic out there! Most are only 13 to 20 billion and are not alive! Hope this helps....


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        [Cool new pic Tara Tootie :-) ]

        How about some fresh mixed or frozen berries, 1/2 cup of plain goat kefir and a small amount of coconut crystals or raw honey, blend it and voila. It's delicious and she will not be able to taste yogurt. It seems to work for us.
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