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  • Game birds

    What's everyone's favourite ?

    & how do u cook ur fav dish?

    Asking as Grouse season has just started here . And looking for ideas.
    Thought of spatchcocking & grilling as an idea to the norm of roasting.

    From London England UK

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    Well the only game bird in abundance here in Wales is the wood pigeon. I shoot them regularly but they do feed alot on the corn crops of the farms in my area. Not good primaly!
    As for cooking, pan fried with salt and pepper. Quick and simple.

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      Do you have a chicken brick? Pheasant cooked in a brick is so succulent, as opposed to roast in a roasting tin, when it can be a bit dry. Also jointed and casseroled in some chicken stock is good. I like chicken stock as the gelatine gives a good texture and assists in keeping the pheasant meat moist.

      A good book to get is Nicola Cox on Game. Lots of recipes and many easy to "primalise".