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  • Catering help!

    I've been asked to cater for an evening meal following a family funeral and would love some ideas please - needs to be light, dairy free, beef free, primal and have a vegetarian option, for 20 people. I need to be able to make in advance and freeze it, and it needs to look pretty at the end of all this and need little preparation as we'll all be exhausted and drained. I would really welcome some easy to make (I won't have much time over the next 2 weeks), delicious ideas!

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    Butter chicken
    Curry pumpkin and coconut bake bake
    Almond and orange Cauli-rice
    Annie Ups the Ante


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      Salmon or any grilled fatty fish.
      Roasted asparagus with a tapenade dresing
      Quinoa cooked in vegetable or chicken broth
      Sweet potatoes roasted drizzled with coconut butter and cinnamon
      Wild rice or lentils


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        Thank you both for your suggestions. Have opted for baked whole salmon stuffed with lemon and dill (which is currently pre-seasoned by me in my freezer), and will have some new potatoes for those who like them and some peas (easy to do straight from the freezer). The vegetarian option will be crepes stuffed with roasted vegetables and covered with a cheese sauce - potatoes and peas as above. The previous night will be a lamb stew with baked potatoes and broccoli, with a cheese and onion quiche for the vegetarian option. I will be making a huge fruit salad to follow the fish, and a plum torte and an apricot torte for the evening beforehand. Not entirely primal, but should suit all ages and is easy to do a bit each day and put in the freezer.


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          That sounds very very good and I will bear these ideas in mind next time I am looking for a change. I am sure the family will feel loved and cared for.
          Annie Ups the Ante