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The Great Meat Cookbook: Under the Sea Addition

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  • The Great Meat Cookbook: Under the Sea Addition

    I am looking to branch out and cook for fish, shellfish, and other sea goodies. The best cookbook (IMHO) I've bough is The Great Meat Cookbook, and I love it because it is so incredibly informative on not just cooking, but the basic techniques, specific guides about different animals, parts, and methods, and the emphasis on quality, ethically treated animals.

    I would love to find a resource like this one for seafood. A lot of the books I have checked out (through amazon) seem to be overly chefy and use really random exotic fish with very little to no explanation (so I don't know what is safe to substitute). However much I really want to learn to use clams, and understand the basics of whitefish and oily fish, I close the book when too many recipes call for whole South Indian sea endangered magic hubba wubba fish fillets.

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    I'd love a good seafood cook book too. Hoping there are some idea floating around here
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      I don't own it, but this seems to be the kind of thing that covers all Fish & Shellfish: The Cook's Indispensable Companion: James Peterson: 9780688127374: Books Seems to be very highly recommended everywhere. Maybe too chefy...... though
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        I like Google. Generally what I do is input the type of protein/fish and any other ingredients I want to use plus the word "recipe." So, the search might look like:

        Salmon potato curry recipe

        Then I primalize whatever recipe looks good. IOW (for example) if a recipe calls for canola oil, I replace it with a Primal fat or oil.
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          Rick stein has a good book regarding fish & shellfish

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            Has anybody seen the River Cottage Fish Book?


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              Originally posted by RittenRemedy View Post
              Has anybody seen the River Cottage Fish Book?
              I own river cottage. its decent, but excludes most warm water sea fish.