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Zucchini ideas?

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  • Zucchini ideas?

    I have a huge zucchini... No really, it's 10 pounds.

    I've grilled it and put some African spicy salt on it, but I'm willing to branch out.

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    There is a great zucchini humus recipe and also someone just posted a zucchini butter recipe that looks great.
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        Zucchini pasta is great! Just need a julienne peeler. Treat it like regular pasta, you can boil it, steam it, or sauté it.


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          Stuff it with mince and veg like dolma


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            It's courgette, innit? Or marrow, being that big?

            Yeah, stuff it! Living in the Ice Age: Stuffed Marrow

            ... or cube up and curry. I love marrow* curry.

            * this side of the pond (in't UK) we call large courgette (zucchini) a marrow. Either way, it works perfectly with pork.

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              I often make ratatouille, thought I dont use a recipe heres a couple that look similar to what I do;

              Disney's Ratatouille Recipe -

              Ratatouille Recipe -

              Most of the difference between the two is canned vs fresh tomatoes. I dont put eggplant if I dont have it sometimes, just put more zucchini and its still great.

              Also, my mom puts zucchini in stews and soups and I always loved that growing up. Especially in some oxtail soup...yuuum.
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                Try this.

                Cook an onion in pan with oil. When it's a few minutes in, add cherry tomatoes and thin slices of zucchini. Salt and pepper to taste, yum!.

                Also, take a few onions and cook them in oil. Add a few chopped up squash and zucchini, salt, pepper (season this as desired, cook a bit), and chicken broth to cover. Boil, then use a hand mixer to reduce squash and zucchini to liquid (plus seeds). Add more broth and boil, mixing to make a nice soup. Some great seasonings are christmas... nutmeg, cinnamon, clove. Also you can go spicy with a pepper, cayenne powder, etc. Really whatever you want.. these squash take a lot of flavor.

                Also you can make a chili style. Put some beef or lamb, half ground half stew size, cook in oil with salt, pepper. Add a bunch of veggies like carrot, celery, green pepper, etc., then add a bunch of cut up zucchini. It should be watery before you add the squash, as the other veggies will give off water in a covered pot. Best part is, add some chili paste. Really great stuff, add whatever you want, because you are the chef and it is your decision what it tastes like.


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                  Zucchini chili, that sounds fantastic. I'll be trying that when the weather cools down!