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  • Eat a Luffa?

    Another new veggie from the farmers market to try

    kitoi's kitchen: Sinqua-try a new vegetable dish

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    Yay! Another "what's weird in Kitoi's Kitchen" post

    Timely. I'm really into gourds at the moment. They go so well with fish. I'll have to seek this one out - maybe a trip to Leeds to the more specialist Asian shops.

    In other news, I've sorted out an area of the garden to put in a couple of decent sized raised beds ... gourds are good, grow well here and grow fast. I also gather that their vines drop down and compost well for something else to follow.

    Time for some research ...

    This. THIS sounded really good. It sounds similar to Karela (or, bitter gourd), an Indian delicacy, often stuffed with meat and wrapped with a mesh for cooking. They call it a 'rat'.

    "... needs more fish!"


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      Don't like luffahs They taste funky compared to other gourds xD
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