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  • an omg drink

    Went to a Vietnamese cafe for din dins the other night, and was encouraged to try the coconut shake. It was delicious but very sweet and my initial attempt at asking what was in it didn't go well (the answer was yes OK with lots of nodding) so I decided I had to try to make one at home. Still experimenting but its pretty damn good so far.

    I use a good stick blender, my food processor can't do ice.

    Handful of ice
    1/4 of a tin of coconut milk
    Same volume coconut water
    Small handful of fresh pineapple
    Squeeze of lime juice

    Blend til smooth

    You can take the fruit out and its still amazing. Perfect hangover cure too :-) especially if you add some vodka
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    Sounds delicious.

    What are those Vietnamese drinks called that have the tapioca balls in them? Kinda look like fish eyes? They are always way too sweet but it might be interesting to replicate at home.


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      Bubble tea?
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        Originally posted by Britt View Post
        Bubble tea?
        Yes. Thank you. Bubble tea aka "Boba"

        How to Make Boba & Bubble Tea at Home | The Kitchn


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          gaaaah. the texture of tapioca pearls freaks me the f**k out. run for the hills.
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            that looks like a pretty yummy drink- like a virgin pina colada or something. Just added the ingredients to my shopping list!


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              Originally posted by noodletoy View Post
              gaaaah. the texture of tapioca pearls freaks me the f**k out. run for the hills.
              I love that stuff. The boba drinks in the Asian restaurants always come with a really big straw to slurp them up with.

              This thread inspired me to get some at my local Asian grocery store. I got some black ones and some green tea ones.


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                I had this for breakfast this morning, it was really good (and would probably be great with rum)!