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Bee propolis as a coffee substitute

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  • Bee propolis as a coffee substitute

    I drink coffee in the mornings but sometimes fancy it at night, as well, when it would keep me awake.

    By chance I recently discovered that a pipette, about 8 drops, of liquid bee propolis (sold here in the UK by Holland & Barrett) dissolved in warm water makes a decent drink, it has the same bitter complex kind of taste as coffee, with honey overtones in the scent, and on its own looks pale cloudy golden in colour. As far as I know it has no sugars in, and doesn't taste sweet at all.

    I have this with a teaspoon of double (heavy) cream, and it's a nice drink to have now and then - Mark did a recent post about bee products, and I'm posting this because it's broad similarity to coffee when dissolved in warm water doesn't seem to have been covered anywhere else, so I thought you folks might want to try it and see what you think!

    It's not identical to a nice cup of joe, but I found it "hits the spot" when I fancy one too close to bedtime!