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  • Beyond bacon cookbook

    Anyone bought this ?

    London UK

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    I work for a library system and we just received the book in one of our shipments. I'm positively drooling over some of the recipes. There is a recipe for breakfast sausage, a paleo version of scrapple, chorizo, smoked porkbelly, meatloaf, stews, ribs, etc.

    The entire title of the book is Beyond Bacon: Paleo recipes that respect the whole hog by Stacy Toth and Matthew McCarry - authors of Eat Like a Dinosaur.

    I may just have to buy the book for myself.
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      I have it! The recipes looks amazing but I've only tried two of them so far, the carrot rosemary mash and and a meatloaf. I tried both before I bought the book and they were the reason I bought it because both dishes turned out perfectly. I found the recipes on their website, here: A Look Inside Beyond Bacon – Recipe Reveals & Giveaway! | Paleo Parents and I suggest you try them if you haven't already. It is by far the most beautiful cookbook I own!

      I can't wait to try more recipes but I'm waiting for my uncle to fix some pastured pork for me. It isn't easy to find where I live which is odd because there is grassfed beef everywhere!


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        The dessert section :-)

        Bacon jam , baconaise !!!!!

        Loads of recipes

        From London England UK