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    Scrambled eggs are really fast

    Do you care about cook time or just prep? Because you can easily prep veggies or meat for the oven either that night or do all your chopping etc on Sundays like I do and then just stick it in the oven, go about your business, and then pull it out when the timer goes off.

    I usually just cook a big batch on Sundays and live off leftovers for the week.


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      maybe 7 mins not 5, but real easy. satay. you just have to keep moving the whole time. put the steamer on. chuck in some chopped up veges like eg. brussel sprouts, cauliflower, brocolli, cubes of squash or pumpkin. meanwhile, put the fry pan on and drop in a bit of coconut oil, swiftly chop up some onion, garlic and red capsicum. throw them in the fry pan with some diced meat or choice or something like some prawns or both. iif you have it pour in some broth or some water with a vege boullion cube. i then cover this with a lid to steam it a bit to give me some time. stir every 30 secs of so. throw in some sliced mushrooms and bean shoots or finely chopped cabbage. open can of coconut milk. when the meat and veges look done, prob in about 3 mins, pour in some coconut milk, add in some salt and pepper, cayenne, thyme or oregano, some fish sauce, a spoon or so of almond butter, some chopped cilantro and or basil, some grated lime rind. mix till smooth. serve on top of steamed veges which should be done at the same time. experiment with veges and herbs and meats.

      fish or steak and salad is also real quick. pan on. when it heats up. throw in the steak or the fish. a few mins each side whilst throwing together a salad and you are done.


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        Originally posted by JoanieL View Post
        +1. And while technically not five minutes, if you serve it over rice with some hot sauce or salsa, it even feels like a meal. Note that the prep time is under five minutes. The time in the rice cooker is what pushes it over five minutes.
        You don't have to count rice cooking time if you've got a rice cooker that keeps rice hot. Rice + kippered herring + kimchi + crumbled nori.


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          roasting? does that count as quick? get a half chicken and chuck it in the oven with some sweet potato and parsnip, sit down take shoes off, have shower, get jim jams on, pull out of oven, steam broccoli and spinach. Nom.
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            my go to "fast meal" is a small can of tuna, about a quarter of an avocado, mash and salt and pepper that, then I throw the whole shebang on a generous fistful of spinach and whatever veggies I have in the fridge. I probably have that 3 or 4 times a week for lunch or after the gym as a snack
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              This is easy 2 options
              Store cupboard & leftovers:

              Tin of wild fish / salmon / tuna / sardines
              & Leftover veg salad mix together dressing of choice !

              Steak onglet / hanger skirt ,
              Pan Hot, 1 minute each side , leftover veg knob of fat of choice

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                I like prepping something like steak so that there are leftovers- and then using the left over steak with salads for the next few days. That's what I had today for lunch. It only takes a couple of minutes prep.
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