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Nutrition advice needed for Breastfeeding Mother, Please Help

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  • Nutrition advice needed for Breastfeeding Mother, Please Help

    Hello, need some help on meal planning and nutrition.

    My wife is currently breastfeeding our first child, it hasn't all been plain sailing as he currently has an intolerance to Cows milk and soya, and oats for some reason we think (tomatoes, citrus are possible problems but may be ruled back in). So her diet is pretty restricted. To nail down some of the problem the nutritionist got her to go on a wheat/gluten free, egg free exclusion diet in addition to check if those were affecting him. However since coming back off that diet she finds biscuits and cake, possibly bread disagree with her. We eat fairly paleo at the moment but she needs something to snack on to cope with the extra calorie demands of breastfeeding.

    Any good recipe/food ideas, especially from the ladies and mothers?

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    Tim, if you dont get what you are looking for here, go to the Whole9 forum. Melissa Hartwig is the founder and if you click the Whole30 forum tab, you will find an entire section on breast feeding. Melissa is a breast feeding mom and she pipes up quite a bit in that section. The site is all about eliminating grains, all gluten, dairy, sugar and alcohol. They see things a little differently there for BF Moms.

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      Can she do nuts? I am currently breast feeding a 5 month old while staying Primal (mostly) and I agree it can be tough to get those extra calories. I find nuts (and beef jerky) easy, on-the-go snacks. I also fill up on smoothies if I'm hungry between meals (whey, fruit, gelatin, raw liver, greens, etc.). Lastly, I try to just eat bigger meals (meats, veggies, healthy fats) in general. Good luck!


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        I'm breastfeeding a week-old baby and am avoiding dairy and gluten. Here's what I'm currently snacking on:

        Home-made pork scratchings (pork belly rind cut into small squares, roasted slowly with lots of salt)
        Fruit, particularly berries
        'Muesli': desiccated coconut with nuts and fresh/dried fruit
        Boiled egg (maybe not if eggs are affecting her)
        Dark chocolate squares liberally smeared with coconut oil
        In this hot weather, coconut custard ice and banana choc ices (coconut custard ice contains lots of eggs)

        And yes, bigger meals!

        ETA olives. How could I forget olives?
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