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Planning 2 cook short ribs 1st time

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  • Planning 2 cook short ribs 1st time

    Okay, new butcher in area has got some wagyu beef cattle from Wales.
    I saw the prices pretty expensive but saw the short ribs which looked cheapER n the marbling on them looked incredible.

    So this weekend in gunna do a wagyu short rib VS my usual longhorn short rib.

    I'm simply gunna season them & wrap tightly in foil & bake them , 120c for 6 hours then under the grill to crisp up both sides.

    Does that sound about right?

    London UK

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    America's Test Kitchen just did an episode on short ribs. They used a spice rub, then 3 hrs in the oven at 300°F. After that 2.5 hrs or so on the grill at a low temp. Brushed on a glaze. In the oven the pan was wrapped in foil. It's similar to your idea…you're effectively braising them in their own juices for a while and doing the browning/crisping part second.


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      I love Love LOVE beef short ribs. Truly one of my very favorite cuts! I make them the same way every time, and they come out amazingly mouth-watering and tender.

      Throw them in a pot with 1/2 bottle red wine and about 1-2x that amount of beef stock/broth. If they're not mostly covered in liquid, add water. Cook sloooowly. I've used my crock pot or oven at a low temp (250ish) and they both work well. I like to allow for about 5-6 hours of cook time, but you can stretch it out to all day by setting the crock pot to low if you're going to be at work. Either way, crank the heat up in the last hour and let the liquid reduce. I usually move them to the stovetop for this part if I had them in the crock pot. The liquid will never go completely away because by now there is a LOT of melted fat in there. I think mix 2 tbsp coconut aminos + 1 tbsp maple syrup, and drizzle over top in the last ~10 min.