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Alternatives to guacamole

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  • Alternatives to guacamole

    Say you've been eating guacamole on your salads. It starts with spinach & romaine, tomatoes, cheese, green & black olives, cheese, sunflower seeds, jalapeno chips, sometimes some pico de gallo, and whatever leftover meat I have around.

    Ok, but what if I'm getting tired of guacamole? I've never liked vinegar & oil. Maybe some crushed, spiced tomato thing?

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    naked salald (salt & spice)
    home-made mayo if you can tolerate eggs
    roast garlic
    kefir or diluted yogurt if you tolerate dairy
    just vinegar with dill & water & let it pickle for a few minutes
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      Tzatziki Sauce

      Tzatziki Sauce Recipe -
      Greek Tzatziki Sauce with Garlic and Dill Recipe – The Lemon Bowl

      Also maybe, google things like "duck fat hollandaise" or "bacon fat hollandaise" if you're looking for creamy.
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        That's a toughie, olives and avocados are my go-to liquid fats.

        If the flavor of oil is a problem maybe try a dressing with macadamia oil, it's very neutral.

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          Oh, yeah, speaking of oils, seasme oil with lemon juice or vinegar and garlick, chili flakes maketh a kick ass oriental dressing (and you can add however much fish sauce, vinegar, lemon, honey, spice, garlic, or use straight sesame to taste). I love it on slaws!

          And, mustard-oil-vinegar and water shaken together is another fav oil-vinegar mask of mine.
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          When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.


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            My not-very-food-savvy mother shoveled wasabi on her salad at the salad bar once. I hear they had to stop her from eating it.