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Best way to cook up walleye or perch?

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  • Best way to cook up walleye or perch?

    Caught a good feast of it last week but not sure how to cook it without traditional batter. I'm a newbie to cooking/eating fish. Right now it's in the freezer.
    Extra points if you can get my kids to enjoy it!
    Needing some accountability, so here's my stats:
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    Personally I love cooking any sweet fish in the oven. I usually put some mustard on top, followed by some herbs like dill and parsley, then bake until it flakes. Guacamole is also really good on fish, too!


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      Maybe make a chowder, slice it up and drop it in? I use any kind of fish for that.
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        Saute with butter. Can't go wrong there.

        I prefer not to freeze fish if possible. Eat fresh (with in a 1-3 days) or I give it away to someone who will eat it right away. You can also make a stock with the fish heads and bodies, strain, then make a soup with whatever veggies you like (onion, bell pepper, carrots, celery are basics). Turn off the heat and add the fish in once the veggies are soft. If the idea of fish stock is too weird use chicken stock or just water.


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          For fillets I like to sprinkle lemon pepper and a little salt on both sides. Make sure fillets are dry.

          Fry up some bacon and leave the grease, then add butter.

          Fry the fish until flaky. Crumple up the bacon and add on top.

          Yummy enough for me.


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            I like to cook it in on the grill in aluminum pan covered with foil, or just wrapped in foil. Generous amount of olive oil, and then I like to season with garlic, lemon, and salt and pepper and make sure fish is coated well with all. Grilling time will vary depending on grill - but cook until flakey. Almost seems hard to overcook if enough oil used (I use lots of oil, not floating in it but enough so its covering the pan on bottom). Just cooked some up last weekend for family and it was a hit for those used to eating it breaded and fried! they were still talking about it the next day.

            Oh...and my kids love it!
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