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Best cooking / food tv programmes?

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  • Best cooking / food tv programmes?

    What's everyone's favourite ?

    I love & try & watch most programmes , obviously give the baking ones a miss.

    My favourites are :

    Masterchef Australia (so much better than any other version)
    Rick stein India (currently on bbc1 at the moment)
    Masterchef UK amateurs


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    My favorites are:
    Jacques Pépin.
    Lyon in the Kitchen.
    Rick Bayless, Mexico 1 plate at a time.
    BBQ University.

    Four sometimes primal chefs with TV programs.
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      That's 1/2 the problem with most of the shows, record it n end up fast forwarding 40% off it.

      Don't u think there should be a paelo / primal man vs food show !!!
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        Anthony Bordain No Reservations
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          Originally posted by DinoHunter View Post
          Anthony Bordain No Reservations
          +1 (see my signature)

          Also, Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern. Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives even though Fieri doesn't like eggs or tongue. Iron Chef and Iron Chef America - love these. Anything with Paula Deen - first ingredient is often butter. Good Eats - Alton Brown. Unique Eats. Man vs Food. The Barefoot Contessa.
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            I second Good Eats and Barefoot Contessa.
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