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    Originally posted by cori93437 View Post

    Using good liquor in a simple mixed drink makes the drink better...
    For instance a Brugal 1888 Mojito is much better than your standard run of the mill white. IMO.
    (Call it dirty if you like.)
    A Dark And Stormy with Goslings Old... though I've had to settle for standard Gos before when Old couldn't be had locally.
    The subtle flavor comes through.
    The same with a Norcal or standard Margarita and good aņejo.
    And I'm not going to bother going out and throwing money away on a decent bottle of white.
    I keep in my house what I'm willing to happily DRINK... not things I'll drink and "other stuff".

    I'm not saying mix with your most expensive bottles... just, c'mon...
    Good liquor tastes better and in a simple drink you CAN taste it.
    I'm not saying to use the stuff that comes in a plastic handle bottle. I actually like the taste of a silver tequila better in a margarita, and I like to drink my aņejo on the rocks, with or without a squeeze of lime.
    The Champagne of Beards