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    Originally posted by Mr. Koozie View Post
    It's become my go-to pancake/waffle recipe. The only things I do different from the recipe are use ripe (mostly black) plantains and add cinnamon.
    I made them for my son and he liked them. I'll try adding cinnamon and putting the batter in my waffle iron. I have a feeling this could be very good.
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      I prefer them baked, not fried. Too greasy. I toss them in salt, chili powder, cinnamon, cocoa powder and a tablespoon of kefir or yogurt, then bake them at 450 F on a cookie sheet. 15 mins, flip, 10-15 mins. Much better than fried, but they have to be almost black first or they'll come out dry. I cut them about 1/3"-1/2" thick. Too thin and they'll dry out.
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        Almost completely black.
        Absolutely nothing on them. It's not necessary to add anything at all IMO.
        Just bake them until hot and gooey.

        I bake them whole, just the ends trimmed off.
        If they were black enough and soft enough there is never a problem with dryness.
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          Originally posted by Urban Forager View Post
          I just cooked plantains for the first time last night (tostones), some were green and some were starting to turn yellow. DS said he prefered the green. I used some for a vehicle for salmon salad (salmon mixed with salsa verde) they were great. I could see how they could be used to replace chips or crackers. The rest I served with dinner to go with grilled pork kabobs, everyone loved them.

          I want to try Mr. Koozie's suggestion, so far every other paleo pancake recipe I've tried has been disappointing, but that recipe looks promising.
          Yep. I tried the tostones with yellow plantains, and they came out as something sweeter than I was hoping. They also didn't hold up well to the frying. I'll get green ones next time.
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            I like the green ones made in to tostones. But I use the method where you peel them, cut in half, boil for 20 minutes, then slice, smash and pan fry in lard.

            They are really delicious with a bit of pulled pork and a red onion relish. Or just plain.
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