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    Hi everybody,

    Online cooking course teacher needed

    A family member had a heart attack and I have been trying to get her to eat healthy. Bought Marks book. It was too much information for her. The recipe book was better but for whatever reason she rather ask me what to cook than to look in the book. My guess is that a more social element is needed to get her on board the primal train..

    So I decided to try organize a weekly online cooking course. One teacher, 5 students, 1 recipe, done live through web cam. Students need a webcam as well to make it bit more sociable.

    Im looking for a chef to hold a weekly course. This is nothing fancy. You just need to:
    1. Have some social skills (all women qualify by default on this point)
    2. Have a strong and reliable internet connection.
    3. Know how to cook at least 3 tasty primal recipes really well.
    4. Be reliable as in login at the time of the course (which you can decide to suit your schedule, weekend, evening etc)

    Since it will be totally free to join a class I cant make you rich. I would pay for all your food expenses (4 person meal). If I can find someone that is happy with just getting their food paid Ill go with that. If not Ill pay extra if needed to find someone, max $100/hour.

    You can just write here in the thread or send me a PM if interested. Youre not signing up for life, any contracts etc. You dont need to hold more than one course if you dont want too.
    Dont take it too serious. You will log into skype, have your web cam (ill buy u a good one) point it to your kitchen, cook the meal while explaining to five students what you are doing. They will cook at the same time. 1 hour later its done. Everything else will be handled by me. The date and time is very flexible. The students are not paying so they will have to adapt to your needs.

    If I can find a brave chef here, we will set up a date and decide on a recipe. After that Ill post a google form here where any (hopefully) interested MDA members can sign up. The project really need students as well to create the social factor. Otherwize its almost just like a youtube video recipe. The course is not just for people new to primal, its for anyone interested in learning how to cook that recipe. But you do need to be a member on MDA.

    If you know any member here on the mda who you think would be a great online chef please let me know so that I can send him/her some flattering messages. Any other thoughts would be very appreciated as well

    Thanks for reading. Would love feedback from potential students.
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