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What's your favourite non-primal cookbook?

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    Anything from Gino DiCampo... I just love Italian food... however now that I'm shifting toward Primal I have to find a solution to me beloved pasta...

    Also cookbooks for a Tajine, it's almost always primal (the meat recipes) and it's full of good tips for spices.
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      2 I just picked up (at TK Maxx for like 6 each! YEAH!)
      The Ginger Pig Meat Book (Tim Wilson/Fran Warde)
      and Cooking On The Bone (Jennifer McLagan)
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        My very favourite cookbook is The Arab Table, by May Bsisu. It's filled with background information about family and cultural traditions, ways to clean and prep meat chicken and fish, menu samples for special occasions, etc. I actually enjoy just reading through it as much as actually making the recipes. Also, most recipes are Primal or easily can be made to be, if you don't count the desserts...

        Many people see arab cuisine as limited to lebanese mezze or egyptian shawarma, so I really love a cookbook with both fancy and family recipes that allow me to relive all the spicy smells and vibrant colours of the food of my childhood.

        Ah I'm getting too sentimental now. Anywho, good book. Strongly recommended.