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How do you eat primal in the summer?

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  • How do you eat primal in the summer?

    Please tell me you didn't skip right from the title to the answer box. No? Okay. Allow me to explain.

    It's too f***ing hot! I am beginning to struggle with paleo/primal eating after being fairly successful in the cold weather. But this morning I made some tomato soup with some ground pork and it smelled heavenly but I could not force myself to eat it. Too hot. So it's chillen in my fridge while I write.

    When it was cooler I was happy with a weekly pot roast, stew, lots of roasted veggies and vegetable salad, but its just too hot. Korea is a lot more humid than what I'm used to, so I really have no experience with what to eat that doesn't make me feel like a blob of desperately needing air conditioner. So I am really craving my old vegetarian ways just because they are substantial but cool.

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    Well, it must be said that it's far from hot here in the UK but, when it is, I like to eat loads of salads as a staple, with cold meats or hard-boiled eggs or smoked fish (that doesn't need cooking!) for protein.


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      you can still eat loads of veggies on primal, I prefer cold spicy meats and more fish when its hot.
      humidity, though, I hate and exactly understand the blob description. Ice helps me and frozen fruit
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        I have been snacking on frozen blueberries god they are better than the fresh ones. Thanks for all the ideas. Just to give you a rough idea, temps here went from chilly 55-65 to 85+ in a months and we are about to start monsoon season. I'm going to have to get crafty with my grilling...


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          In the summer I usually do spicy stir-fries of meat and vegetables, and crave more fruit. Tonight we had chicken, onions, sweet potatoes, and plantains stir-fried together. Stir-fries cook up quickly without heating the kitchen, and spicy just goes with the season.


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            The first summer that I lived in New Orleans, we had a lot of days over 100 degrees with "feels like" temps of 110-120. I actually set my alarm for 3am a couple of times to roast chickens or make roast beef. Those taste great cold. Roast them, freeze some in small portions that you can defrost fairly quickly. Also, if you bake a whole salmon, depending on the size, you can do them in about a half hour and they also taste good cold.

            Look for recipes for things like ceviche, gazpacho, or cold cucumber soup. Learn how to make paté. Make scrambled egg "muffins" in muffin tins and freeze. They defrost easily. Put cans of sardines in the fridge.

            Google things like "cold summer meals," or "no cook summer meals." A lot won't be primal, but most will be adaptable.
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              How people ate in the Spanish mountains (humid and hot through Summer and Autumn):
              Breakfast: Whatever you can manage. Usually a beverage with some pastry or plain bread (substitute for a handful of dried nuts and fruit, nothing heavy).
              Lunch: People would move indoors, to cool down. They would either eat a heavy lunch before their mid-afternoon nap or eat something light when they woke up from it. Either way, lunch would be a salad and/or cold-cut and cheese board. Spanish salads contain a huge amount of veg, but also a good handful of animal protein to every two or three handfuls of onion, lettuce and tomato. Season with white-wine-vinegar and olive-oil.
              Snacks: Fruit, greens, thin slices of ham.
              Dinner: Usually the largest meal of the day, consumed well-after sundown. Think stews and potroasts, ate hot or cold.

              It's also noteworthy that they'd drink more alcohol in the Summer than the rest of the year.
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                Tend to eat smaller lunch & bigger evening meal.

                But I found I prefer lighter proteins such as seafood & fish especially and less of pork & lamb


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                  I eat a lot of Applegate Farms cold cuts.

                  I taught myself how to cook bacon in the microwave.

                  Chilled soups. Which are basically puréed veggies or fruit.

                  I learned how to enjoy rare steak, seared just long to not heat up my apartment too much.

                  Raw foods cookbooks have recipes for new and weird things to do with vegetables and nuts that don't involve turning on the stove.

                  Protein shakes.


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                    If you are concerned about heating your place up but don't mind eating hot food, try using a slow cooker. If it cools down during the evening you could try experimenting with IF or having just 1 meal per day. You could also cook during the cooler hours and eat cold or reheated leftovers when it is hot. If you like it and can get good quality there, raw sashimi grade fish may be an option also. You don't just have to eat raw vegetables and fruit if you don't want to.


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                      I tend to eat a lot more salads in the summer. I also find my appetite is not the same and I eat less when it's hot. I also try not to cook something that would take too long or require an oven since it heats up the temperature in my place.


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                        salads, fruit, cold meat & leftovers
                        yeah you are

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