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  • Help my ex-vegetarian recipes

    I need some help as a recovering vegetarian. I know it probably sounds weird on a site where bacon is eaten liberally, but I really miss my legumes. Everything else was really easy for me to cut out; grains even rice I no longer crave. I know it probably sounds totally stupid but I have a hard time sticking to primal with just meat and veggies on m plate, but when legumes are still in my diet I can't lose weight. I am game to try an kick them, but I still miss them being there. Like my squash and lentil salad is just a big bowl of squash which is good but feels sort of short of a meal. I still can't manage to choke down meat at every meal (I'm working on it) so I want some ideas other than throw bacon/ground beef on it.

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    Not that some crispy ground beef isn't delicious on greens either.


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      Try roasted eggplant. Sounds weird but it reminds me a bit of beans. Take some salsa and add the roasted eggplant, chopped, then top your salad or some lettuce "tacos" with it. Its pretty good. I'm Mexican so I understand. I miss beans, especially the re-fried variety. One day I'm going to try re-frying roasted eggplant like I would have done with beans. Also, I make hummus out of steamed cauliflower and its really good for when you miss chickpeas. Here's a recipe Ode to Hummus | The Cavewoman Cafe
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        I do love some baba ganoush. Maybe that's a good refried beans? Whenever I roast eggplant it ends up yummy but kinda soggy. Maybe I'm doing it wrong? Not really the right toothsomeness.


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          What about potatoes? I like cutting up those little round red/purple/gold ones, and baking them. They do well in soups or potato salads, for me. Maybe you can throw those in in the place of beans. I don't know, but I always thought potatoes had a similar taste and texture to kidney beans, or whatever those beans are that are thrown into burritos.
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            Especially if they are a little crispy. That's a great idea. For some reason I can lose weight with potatoes but not beans. I seem to be okay with fruit too so long as its not dried. Weird how different people's bodies can be.


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              Do you roast your eggplant on a rack?
              If not try that for a drier texture and less sogginess.
              Then maybe mix it with some roasted potato for the right consistency.
              A nice mixed veg of roasted potato, squash, and eggplant.
              Nothing wrong with that at all.
              Some onion in there would be nice for flavor.
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