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How Do You Roast Your Chicken?

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    I cook mine in a solar oven. As it is slow, moist cooking I put vegetables in with it, usually garlic and brassica family members. Three hours later it is done and delicious.


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      we brown ours off really quick in the iron skillet, and the pop them (we cook too at a time) into the crock pot for 4 hrs. skin isn't crispy. but, makes it easy to clear the bones of meat and set it to bone broth making.


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        I'm a very rough and ready cook. I tend to rinse out the bird, smear coconut oil over it and put a bit more in the pan, then stick it in the (fan) oven at 190C. It's usually a small bird but turns out nice and crispy but still moist inside. I don't season as I find the flavour of the chicken good enough. I usually roast onions and spuds in the tray and I don't use a rack at all. The skin ends up crispy on top and soft underneath, but I stick the soft skin in the frying pan the next day with the left overs and it doesn't stay soft for long. Mmmmm.
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          Originally posted by PRO199 View Post
          I'm a big fan of the beer can method for the grill. But it is not quite the same as rotisserie. I bought a Ronco Compact Rotisserie, like THIS ONE, for when I gotta have rotisserie.
          Ooh, a new toy. How long ago did you buy it? Is it easy to use? Does it feel like something that will last a long time? Inquiring minds (well, my inquiring mind) want to know.
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            Originally posted by Leida View Post
            I dunno how rotisserie chicken tastes, never bought one, but I make dry roasted birds the same way always. Paper-towel dry the skin, salt and pepper the cavity, pour salt all over the outside, plop onto the baking rack (I make 2 at a time), bake for 20 min at 450 and for another 45 (or longer) on 325 till done. Crispy skin, tender flesh, juicy.

            I roast vegetables in the run-off collected juices/fat separately as I find that the bed of vegetables slows the cooking and soggies up the skin.

            And, yeah, we collect all bones in the bones bucket for stocks.
            This is close to my method as well, but before roasting I also add a celery stalk, a couple sprigs of fresh rosemary, 1/2 a bunch of cilantro, and a cup of sake to the cavity of each bird in addition to the salt and pepper.


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              Better than rotisserie chicken. Broiled, Butterflied Chicken Recipe : Alton Brown : Recipes : Food Network

              This is SO good, you will never want to eat store-bought rotisserie chicken again.

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