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Bacon wrapped Dates

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  • Bacon wrapped Dates

    I recently decided to try a recipe from the food network... it was SO. DAMN. GOOD! Basically, it's like this:


    Dates, however many you want
    Cream Cheese
    Toasted, salted almonds
    Maple syrup.

    Okay! You take the dates, get the pits out and stuff them with cream cheese and two almonds if it's a big date. The recipe said one but my dates were huge, two was better. Then you roll it in the bacon and secure it with a toothpick. Heat the oven up to 400 and when it's ready, put them in for 5 minutes. Take them out and turn them over, then put them in for another 5 minutes... or longer, it hardly matters. Pull them out and brush them down on both sides with the maple syrup and put them back in. The recipe said 2 minutes but I left them in more like another five. Leaving them in longer just makes them crispier. They're supposed to be an appetizer but we had them for dessert. XD Delicious! Enjoy!
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    Those sound like mouth bombs! I'm going to try that. Gotta get me some whole almonds - I have everything else!


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      Also good without the cream cheese IME!


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        i did these last night with home made goats cheese and without almonds.

        They are awesome


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          Try stuffing the dates with spicy sausage such as chorizo. So good.


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            The thought of dates & chorizo, my mouth instantly watered. Tempering my desire for now, adding to shopping list.
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