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    Having just finished off a whole batch of this stuff for myself, and due to the shocking simplicity, I'm quite surprised I've not seen it mentioned before. If it has been, I think it's worth a whole new thread. The title says 'Herb Omlette', properley know as 'Kuku Sabzi', which is an Iranian traditional dish (Eaten I think at easter time, but far more in my house!) consisting of a mixture of herbs and eggs, yet cooked slower and looks like a cake when done. In Iranian/Middle eastern cooking, the flavours come from fresh ingredients, so if you do choose to make this, it's best made on the same day.
    Ingredients are:
    Eggs-Enough to make the mixture a thick, sticky mess

    The good thing is, proportions of herbs may vary. Use more of which ever herb you like most. If lost, just use one bunch of each.

    -Wash herbs, then remove (if you even want to) the stems.
    -Chop, or food process them to smaller pieces.
    -Empty into a large mixing bowl, and start adding eggs one by one until desired consistency is reached
    -Place in a non stick pan with a lid, and place on a low to medium heat (we have an aga, so we just put it on the 'slow one') for about 10-15 minutes, then using a clever plate technique because of the pan we have, flip it, and continue cooking until it's firm, and moist

    Other sites with this may tell you to put loads of other stuff in it, feel free to look and try, but I've found it doesnt need anything else. Served as a starter, but eaten when felt like it!

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    Thank you so much for this recipe! Last week I had kuku sabzi for breakfast three times!


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      haha any time of day is time for Kuku Sabzi!


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        LOVE kuku sabzi. Thanks for posting. Mine uses a little tomato paste for additional flavoring, and the more herbs, the better!


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          Sounds good. I have a strong desire to add cheese.
          The above should be viewed as complete and utter nonsense.


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            Even something as easy as dried oregano or basil works well with eggs. Top with a little Parmesan. Heaven.
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              Really great recipe! Me and my dad loved it!
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                I have always been a HUGE FAN of seasoning my eggs with paprika, parsley, cilantro, red pepper flakes & salt!! Tastes like bread, seriously!