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Duck Eggs: Need suggestion?

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  • Duck Eggs: Need suggestion?

    Hi all,

    My friend (who has chickens and ducks) was oh so generous to give me a dozen duck and chicken eggs. It's like a combination of several different chicken and duck eggs. Some are small, some are big, some are brown.

    Anyway, I have never had duck eggs before. Any suggestions? Should I just cook 'em sunny side up?
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    You can cook them just the same. Just be prepared for a slightly different texture.


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      I am so jealous. Free duck eggs. Not fair at all.


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        Goose eggs are great too. I have found they make the fluffiest omelettes.


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          yes, omelettes cooked in duck fat.


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            creme brulee or custard
            banana & egg pancakes
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              Duck eggs have a larger yoke than chicken eggs, and the white of the egg is a bit more rubbery when cooked. Duck eggs were favored for cakes because they added to the color of the crumb. I like them scrambled or in omletes.


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                I always have to make the same suggestion when duck eggs are brought up - deviled duck eggs are awesome.


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                  I love duck egg custards. Their slightly stiffer, smoother texture is perfect in a custard. They are also great in a frittata. I've been using 1/3 duck and 2/3 chicken. I understand they're great for baking too, but I don't know if that means with wheat flour or if they're great with any flour.
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