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Help me tweak my natural brownie recipe to be more Primal....

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    Sometimes! It is a gateway to carbs
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      Paleomg also has a recipe for brownies sweetened with figs (I think it's her Fudgey Brownie recipe). It calls for cocoa and dark chocolate, but it is easy to adjust for using just cocoa (add some more coconut oil, using equation on cocoa box) and I find it sweet enough with no sugar besides what's in the figs. (It's especially awesome made with date, but their nutritional profile is not as good as figs, IMO, so it depends on my target audience. For me, figs. For sharing with non-paleo peeps, dates.) Neither is particularly kid-approved at my house, YMMV.

      If dairy isn't an issue, I find that baking with butter instead of coconut oil often gives things a more "usual" flavor, if that's what I'm looking for.