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Bone broth from whole crockpot chicken? Yes/no?

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  • Bone broth from whole crockpot chicken? Yes/no?

    So I made a whole chicken in the crockpot yesterday with 1 onion and seasoning and thats it ,no liquid. 8 hours later the chicken was more than half way bathed in broth. I strained it and put in fridge and today it has the consistency of jello. My question is , is this bone broth at all or just consider it chicken broth?
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    Probably a bit of both. What I would do is strip all the meat off the chicken and put the bones, pulled apart, back into the crockpot with the broth you have already collected plus enough water to cover, maybe a few additions like some oyster sauce or Worcestershire sauce, a pinch of five spice, and give it a few more hours then strain again. I basically did that with a large chicken last week and used the resulting "broth" as a background to soups - butternut pumpkin, chicken and celery with chopped leftover meat from the original chicken etc.


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      You made Gelatin. You can add some water to it to make a good broth.


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        At this point it's chicken broth. When you finish eating the chicken, put the bones back in the broth for about 24 hours on low. Then you will have awesome bone broth. Although what you have is probably already delicious.