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Avocado Salad Dressing/condiment

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  • Avocado Salad Dressing/condiment

    I really dislike biting into big pieces of avocado so this is how I get it into my salads.This is my favorite salad dressing. You could use it to top lots of things like eggs or other veggies.

    1/2 large avocado
    vinegar or lemon juice
    water (for consistency)
    any spices you like

    I throw everything in the blender then (I usually like 2T of vinegar for the tartness), taste and if you like the tartness, add water a little bit at a time until you get a good dressing consistency. I also like to add some tomato.


    Smush avocado add vinegar then throw in chopped tomato, carrot, and cucumber. Add salt and pepper then some Mrs. Dash. Tasty all by itself. Just realized its like

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    Ooh! Just made it and added homemade taco seasoning and some canned adobo juice. Really tasty. Makes enough to help me feel full until dinner.