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  • Lamb/Beef bone broth...

    I rarely eat lamb, but I've a few bones that I would like to use for bone broth. Would you mix beef & lamb bones for broth? I wouldn't mix beef and there a reason to avoid mixing beef and lamb? It would be mainly beef bones in the mix.

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    I'd mix them, no reason not to. Lamb broth is my favorite if I can get enough bones for it; it will taste fine to use both.


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      Originally posted by Zanna View Post
      I'd mix them, no reason not to.
      Half the fun of making stock is the slight flavor variation each time.

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        Havent tried myself but heard the lamb can add a really odd smell though


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          Why not mix beef and poultry? They make a fine stock together and I've had some ace soups from mixed stocks like this. Lamb is actually my least favourite stock - the flavour of lamb is very pronounced and can overwhelm some more delicate flavoured vegetables.


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            I don't care to mix beef/poultry fat, and I've never really cared to mix those two proteins though I can't say why. I appreciate the input, when it comes time to make my bone broth I will toss both sets of bones into the cooker. I must say that I really enjoyed the lamb, it is the first time I've made it. I still have a lamb shank in the freezer to cook, and also have one small beef soup bone so I might try braising the two together...


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              My local supermarket sells packs of lamb soup bones, I slow cook them in my crockpot with some chopped celery, carrot and onion then strain them out. Makes a wonderful stock for curries etc. and I keep a few takeaway containers in the freezer.
              As an experiment when I made beef stock from some marrow bones I poured a container of lamb broth into the crockpot as part of the liquid. Yummy.