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  • Quick Paleo Protein Mousse

    Since my boyfriend I went from primal to strict paleo (cut out dairy, most nuts, not a lot of fruit) we both miss the ease of our morning greek yogurt. He also misses having something a little bit sweet to start the day. I came up with this, and it really filled the void. (Plus, since I don't drink coffee, I get a little caffeine boost!)

    - Melt 56g baking chocolate (unsweetened) with 2 tbsp butter
    - When it's liquid, stir in 33g (one serving) of chocolate or vanilla egg white protein (I use Jay Robb's, which is sweetened with Stevia. I prefer egg white over whey because it's slower digesting and makes a better meal replacement, but I'm sure any protein would work).

    The longer you let it sit, the more mousse-like it gets.
    My boyfriend tried a bite and thought it could use a touch more stevia, but I thought it was sweet enough as-is.

    Comes out to around 50g fat (almost all saturated), 16g carbs (half of it fiber), and 24g protein.