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    So Im in college, so i've made some easy to make primal meals to save time. One of my quickest meals is fried tubers in ghee and some type of protein source (pork chops, eggs, steak). However I seem to encounter the same problem every week. When I put in a pot of fresh ghee it always foams when I fry.

    I usually make the ghee slowly on a low heat, constantly stirring. Skim off the foam at the end. Then once its cool a little bit above room temperature I strain in through a paper towel in a glass container for storing.Has anyone else encountered this problem, and was there a way you got around it?

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    I just made some ghee this morning. This is how I do it:

    1. Put the stick of butter in a glass jug, and put it in the oven on the lowest temperature setting (about 40degC on my oven) for a couple of hours, without stirring. At the end the white milky bit will be a tiny layer at the bottom, while the pure butterfat will be transparent, yellow top 90%
    2. Pour off the pure butterfat (ghee) into another glass container. I personally use a jumbo coffee cup, but use whatever. Store in a cool dark place (or the fridge). I usually chuck the milk proteins and tiny bit of butterfat that's left.

    I used to do it in a pot with straining and stuff, but it was way too much work, was really messy, and wasted too much butterfat as well.
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      I put the butter on the stove on a low heat, for about 1/2 hr and don't touch it. When I get back to it the top is really thick and very easy to scoop out and the bottom milk protein caramelizes/crisps somewhat. Don't stir. If it isn't at this stage then I do it longer. I then just put it through a piece of kitchen towel in a strainer into a measuring jug, then pour it into the butter dish. It think taking it to this stage makes the butterfat more clean.
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        This is how I do it: slow cooking on the stove to start with and gradually decrease the temperature as the milk solids settle down on the bottom so as NOT to have them burnt (it will spoil the ghee). I always end up having to turn off the stove but with the sauce-pan still unmoved.

        The "secret" to making good ghee is ... to make sure ALL the water is gone: I only move it away to cool down when water has gone, I check this with a glass that I place upside-down one inch above the butter fat. When after a few seconds, no condensation occurs, I know it is ready and can cool down before storing in a sterilized glass jar ("boil" the jar and lid in the meantime). The result is always outstanding. Make sure you always use a clean spoon or butter knife when you use the ghee, and always keep it sealed otherwise in a dark place (fridge unnecessary though). It will keep for months (if you don't use it every day that is )


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          I have been making ghee in a crockpot, set and forget. Don't use salted butter, complicates things while the salt precipitates out.

          Later in the cooking process - after a few hours - it needs to be "dried" as the lid has trapped a lot of the moisture, so I turn the crockpot to high, take the lid off and give it a stir every ten minutes for the last hour - this causes it to bubble as it gives off the last of the water. Then I let it settle and ladle into jars until I'm down to the last little layer with the solid milk protein bits at the bottom. Works out at around $A 2.50 a litre which is way cheaper than the canned variety, and more tasty.


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            I made up a litre and half batch last night, turned out great. The small amount of crud left in the crockpot is only about half a cup, if I were in 19th century mode I suppose I could try and strain it and obtain an extra quarter cup, but I got a good enough yield by just judicious pouring.

            Used the first sample for bacon, 2 egg omelette and fried mushrooms for breakfast.

            ghee 1.jpgghee 2.jpg