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  • beef stock question...

    If the bones didn't smell when I took them out of the fridge, they shouldn't be spoiled right?

    I noticed a familiar smell coming from the femur knob once I browned it and it's the overwhelming smell now that I'm simmering... I'm not sure if it's from that kind of meat scraps in joints or if that smell is "old meat" smell. (Familiar from Mongolian holes-in-the-wall.)

    Again though, the color looked good and didn't smell when it came out of the fridge? I had it in there for a few days to thaw out the block of ice that four lbs of bones were stuck together in, and I think they only became separable two days or so ago...

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    My gut feeling is that it will be safe as long as you boil it a long time.


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      That broth made kickass, just-like-in-Mongolia borsht. (beef cubes + shredded beets + broth + fennel (onions went bad on me) + carrots + sour cream)