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Once-A-Week Cooking organization and logistics

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  • Once-A-Week Cooking organization and logistics

    Traveling for a living, I struggle with nutrition both in quality and quantity. As such, I find myself poorly fueled for workouts which leads to stress, poor sleep, poor recovery, etc. I've also recently learned that I have sensitivities to certain Primal/Paleo foods that were staples of mine and have been advised to eliminate them for at least 6 weeks before rotating them back in - specifically whole eggs, tomatoes, and carrots

    Breakfast is the biggest challenge because it seems one looks like an alien if you don't order eggs or some grain-based carb abomination before 11 AM. I've decided to try some Once-A-Week cooking (OAWC) to make quality meals to freeze and carry with me on my trips. I've got a great cooler bag and a FoodSaver to vacuum seal with. I'm starting simple with 3 recipes:

    • Pan-browned GF Ground Beef w/"Creamed" Kale sautéed in coconut milk
    • Grilled Salmon w/steamed (or grilled) asparagus drizzled with GF butter
    • Grilled or Stir Fried Chicken Thighs w/Spinach sautéed with EVOO

    I'm filling in the gaps with nuts, GF jerky, fruit. PWO sweet potato baby food, unsweetened apple sauce, whey powder.

    I am normally going to need 4-5 full days worth of meals. I'm trying to be efficient with the logistics of taking this endeavor on. Plan to expand the recipe repertoire once I get a system down. Hoping anyone who does OAWC can offer some hints, tips, suggestions. How would you organize the cook-a-thon for the stuff above?

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    I some times cook several meals for the week, just so I can free up some time during the week. The kitchen shuts down for everything else but I find that I waste less food that way. In my case a lot of time I just use half of a veggie, save the other half, which i then forget about until I find it in the back of the fridge... buts thats neither here or there.

    I get stew meat and throw it in the crock pot with onions, spices, bone broth maybe peppers and turn it on high. While that cooks I can cut up chicken pieces and sautee them in cast iron pan salt and pepper until browned then I add half a can of coconut milk and curry powder, cover, turn to super low heat and simmer for as long as im in the kitchen. In the meant time I am also roasting something in the oven, salmon or perhaps some churrasco steak or both. Each dish can be split in 2 meals. I also have 2 crockpots so some times they are both on duty.

    I live in a tiny apartment with the worlds most horrible designed kitchen in terms of space, but it is totally doable!

    Good luck!
    Loving my primal life


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      When I was working 3 jobs, I used to cook for the week on Sundays. I had 10 sectioned plastic plates. I would steam vegetables and pack them into the smaller sections, then cook some sort of meat and pack it into the larger section, sometimes with rice. I would take 2 plates with me when I left for work in the morning.