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Grain free Bechemele??

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  • Grain free Bechemele??

    I want to make a lasagne tomorrow. I have zucchini, eggplant, and maybe sweet potato for the "noodles" and I'm going to make a sauce with ground pork and andouille sausage from pastured pork. I'd LOVE to add bechemele to the mix (I eat dairy) and am looking for roux ideas. Any thoughts?

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    You could thicken it with cooked potato or cauliflower. Run the sauce through the blender.


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      That's a great idea. I may just try that with cauliflower (I have one in the fridge)!


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        I use double/heavy cream, with a couple of egg yolks to thicken - works well if you eat dairy, and cheese will help to thicken a sauce, too.


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          Arrowroot works well. Or tapioca flour. I use either of those - and sometimes cornflour. (It is a small amount and rarely so I can't see it as being that bad!)


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            I use just cream and cheese. No thickener necessary.

            Doh! (EDIT) Sorry ... it's béchamel you're after. I'd err on the side of potato or tapioca starch. I've used arrowroot in dairy sauces before and it goes kind of icky. Try a roux with butter and potato starch, add milk ... off you go.
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              instead of bechamel use good ricotta, stirred with an egg yolk to bind it.
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