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Lamb liver recipes?

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  • Lamb liver recipes?

    I just bought some lamb liver today and plan on having some for dinner tomorrow. Does anyone have any good recipes? How to cook, which spices/marinades to use, side dishes that go well with it, etc? I've never had lamb liver before (or any liver for that matter) so I'm not sure what to expect. Any help would be appreciated.

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    I find lamb liver to be the mildest, even milder than chicken. If the texture doesn't squick you out, I like mine just sauteed in some bacon fat with salt and pepper.
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      We usually just have ours with breakfast, lightly fried in ghee (with the usualy suspects like bacon and eggs).

      It is a very mild tasting liver (nothing like beef liver). My advice is to cook it very lightly, so that it is browned on the outside but still faintly pink in the middle. It doesn't want to be overcooked.

      I would just cook it with a normal meal (steak, potatoes, steamed broccoli, maybe an egg etc)
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        if you havent had liver before, i would personally start with liver pate. the taste changes alot when it is cold and makes it more doable i reckon. lamb's liver pate is pretty simple. fry it like MM says with a bit of garlic and some herbs in some butter or bacon fat. thyme is nice with it. lob the whole lot in a blender with some cream, salt and pepper. bit of bourbon, whisky or red wine if you have it and swoosh it up. put it in a dish in the fridge to set. yumm!!! another way to have it is liver and egg curry. which is just dice and fry it up with some chopped onion and garlic. or just onion. when it is cooked to how you like it. throw in some curry powder and some chopped hard boiled eggs. it's been a while since i have made this but sometimes i think i put some coconut milk in too? the last way is liver and onions. so thinly slice ( you can soak it in milk overnight first to make it more mild ), fry it up medium rare with onion rings. pour in some reduced stock and thicken if needed. i use tapioca. serve over veges or something like mashed potatoes if you eat them. you can put bacon in with this too if you like bacon.


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          Likewise, breakfast.

          Just fry off some mushrooms, fry off the liver, put both together and enjoy.

          Try it pure, or at most with some mushrooms (which work so well with it) ... go from there.

          Have fun.

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            Thanks so much everyone, I just tried it with my breakfast. I fried it in bacon fat with mushrooms and yellow onion and seasoned it with af little salt and pepper. It was delicious - no harsh taste at all. I think I'll start incorporating this more often. Thanks again