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beyond Fussy -- I hate vegetables --- Please Please help...

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  • beyond Fussy -- I hate vegetables --- Please Please help...

    I dislike vegetables -- not the taste -- but the texture -- I like them in the many vegetable based soups and juices I make but no other way... how do I condition myself to eat vegetables in a healthy way????

    Really looking for help


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    a. You don't have to eat them
    b. Cooked vegetables have a very different texture from raw ones
    c. They can be cut up small and hidden in sauces
    d. They basically turn to nothing when you cook them with meat in the slow cooker
    e. I don't understand how you can lump potatoes and tomatoes and broccoli and lettuce and avocado into the same 'texture' box
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      Thanks MagicMerl,

      On point e -- I agree that all the textures are different -- but for some reason in my little brain I have issue with them -- when all blended in a soup with spices and meat I like them .. if I was to take an avacodo and try and eat it I would have a really strong gag reflex.. is really strange...


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        Sounds like anticipatory anxiety. Try logotherapy.


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          Perhaps you are natural born carnivore. I don't see it in the instructions that came with this body anywhere that you have to eat veggies. Veggies are what my food eats. I only eat a veggie if I actively like the taste of it in its natural state (i.e. not smothered in butter, garlic, cheese, cream sauces, or blended into an unrecognizable mush).

          There is a reason why children fight being told to eat their veggies. Smart kids.


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            One of my favorites is making roasted vegetables in the oven. You can find lots of recipes online for this. Basically you coat the veggies & baking dish with olive oil and add spices. Try red peppers, zucchini, mushrooms, carrots, green beans, asparagus. They taste wonderful and totally different when roasted.
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              So eat lots of soup.


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                What if you tried mixing various tastes and textures that you do like into your vegetables? It doesn't always have to be a heavy cheese based sauce....

                Try sauteing zucchini and shallots (you can do this until they're very soft so there's no vegetable crunch to be adverse to) and add in some currants (make sure you soak in water for about 30 minutes beforehand) and sliced almonds. Sprinkle in some oregano, thyme, whatever you like.

                I'm sure you could find other combinations that sound good to you. Or if not, like everyone else says, you really don't need to eat very many vegetables. Stick to soup. Don't make eating a chore.
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