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Big, awesome, drop mic and walk away it's so good feast

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  • Big, awesome, drop mic and walk away it's so good feast

    I need to make a feast for my SADing parents on a special occasion. They will be here for breakfast, a big lunch/dinner feast, and the next day breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I want them to be blown away. I want them to never miss a single grain or white sugar- or even realize they aren't there.

    My mom is super picky and lives off of carbs only. I'm not super worried about her because she is picky about everything, this isn't going to change for one meal. My dad will probably be happy if it's not too 'weird.' So no super unusual foods, seasonings, or difficult to eat foods.

    They do not do fish, and I don't want to serve chicken or turkey (which they already eat a lot) I think the only veggie I have seen my dad eat is corn, lettuce, and potato, so I am a little stumped there.

    I want this feast to be amazing, off the chain, pull out all the stops, best ever. I also need to make sure I can make all things with one ovens, four burners and a crockpot, so stuff you make ahead of time would also be nice. I need to be prepared for lunch and breakfast the next day, dessert, and snacks. Oh, and a baby will be attending, but he's totally primal and hoovers away anything in front of him.

    So...have you ever done a big, fancy primal meal? How did you go about it?

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    Breakfast you could do frittatas. Are you willing to do potatoes? If so you could do a breakfast casserole with a potato crust.
    Supper could be a roast with roasted brussel sprouts, or other roasted veggies. Mark's carnitas maybe? some simple desserts out of the recipe thread. Lunches to me are the hardest. Normally you want something quick and easy. A fruit salad w/ leftoevers or go to a deli and get good lunch meats (read: organic) and cheeses and do cheese wraps?

    Good luck! Let us know how it works out!
    You know all those things you wanted to do: You should go do them.

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    height 5'3
    SW 215 lbs
    CW 180 lbs (whole foods/primal eating)
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      I have not done potatoes yet but will try, if it will make this easier! Carnitas are a great idea, and you are right, lunch is the just told me she wants to get us easter baskets with chocolate, ahhh. This is going to be hard!

      Thanks for the suggestions!!


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        Ok, I have a similarly picky eater that I have to feed daily, here are some picky-eater approved meal ideas

        Can't go wrong with eggs and bacon/sausage. If you want to get a little fancy with it, add these:
        Paleo Cinnabuns |
        Slightly more dense than regular breads/cakes, but very good and yummy with coffee. For the frosting, use the link for her red velvet cupcakes.

        Dinner- Pot roast and potatoes. Classic and everyone will eat it. Whatever pot roast recipe you like, and use these potatoes:
        Crash Hot Potatoes | The Pioneer Woman Cooks | Ree Drummond
        A million, billion times better than mashed potatoes.

        I second the carnitas tip! Pork shoulder and spices of your choice in crockpot on low for 8 hours, give a quick toss in a hot pan to crisp up, awesome. Fatty fatty porky love. I have no idea what that means, but it is what carnitas inspires in me. Bonus tip: get a large enough shoulder and leftovers for lunch! Just make sure to spoon some of the crockpot fat over the carnitas before you refrigerate, keep your piggy happy.

        This eggplant parmesan/lasagna hybrid thingy:
        Eat Live Grow Paleo: Eggplant Parmesan
        Delish! Add some italian sausage to really make it a meal.

        Steaks and roasted veggies. Asparagus if you think they'll go for it, otherwise try potatoes, parnsips, butternut squash...yes it is a little carby but technically within the paleo realm and you still want your guests to eat it. My picky eater actually ate kale the other day (!!) Ok, well kale and bacon, but I'll take it!
        Quick and Simple Stir-Fried Kale and Bacon | Award-Winning Paleo Recipes | Nom Nom Paleo

        You can go so many ways with this. Berries and whipped cream (either heavy cream or coconut milk) is easy and always good. Or get a little fancier:
        The Urban Poser:: Summer Berry Trifle W/Coconut Flour French Pound Cake (Dairy/Grain Free) (note: this is the one recipe I cannot personally vouch for, although it is on my list of things to try soon)

        TGIPaleo has some good baked goodies, I really liked these:
        Spicy Aztec Brownies |

        Finally, a hybrid concoction of my own (these do have palm sugar and honey, but they are soooo good!)
        The Daily Dietribe: Experiments in Gluten-Free Baking 101: Salted Caramel Chocolate Shortbread Bars (Gluten-Free, Grain-Free, Refined Sugar-Free, Vegan)
        Use butter in the caramel instead of coconut spread and honey instead of coconut nectar in the glaze so you don't have to buy a bunch of coconut stuff if you don't already have
        And instead of the base on this recipe, use this:
        Almond Flour Shortbread | Joyful Abode

        Hope this helps!


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          A crockpot meal such as beef stroganoff with baked potatoes and sour cream.

          Quiche full of the best goodies - bacon, olives, feta. Or a simpler vege quiche with an all-out salad.

          Bacon and egg muffins - line the muffin tins with a slice of bacon, break an egg into the cup and bake till set.
          Annie Ups the Ante


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            Cheese balls.

            Date and almond chocolate truffles in coconut.

            Banana berry cheesecake on a melted chocolate/flaked almond base with whipped cream and fruit.

            Fruit kebabs.

            Baked stuffed apples and cream.

            Coconut berry mousse.
            Annie Ups the Ante


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              If you want to get some more veges past your Dad, you could mash carrot and potato together, it looks ever so pretty.
              You could do meat balls with some onion and greens and herbs all minced together. Tomatoes and roasted capsicums pureed into a dipping sauce.
              Roast sweet potatoes would be hard to object to.

              Variety of root veges - potato, kumara, pumpkin, carrot, beetroot - diced and rooasted together with rosemary and bacon. Sour cream/lemon juice dressing
              Annie Ups the Ante


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                Breakfast- Fruit and a Frittata
                Huge Lunch/Dinner:
                Roast meat (a leg of lamb, ham), sides: mashed cauliflower and root veggies (make extra), asparagus with hollaindaise, green salad with nuts. Appetizer- bacon wrapped figs.
                Dessert- Chocolate mousse or flourless chocolate cake OR go light and do berries with cream

                Next Day:
                Use the rest of the root veggie mash- the next morning, make into patties with some nut flour and an egg to bind. Fry up in a pan like pancakes. Serve the pancake with a poached egg, smoked salmon, dill and some creme fraiche. Fruit on the side.

                Lunch- light lunch- maybe a salad with chicken

                Dinner- something fun and light- grill up kebabs

                Check out my blog. Hope to share lots of great recipes and ideas!


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                  My conventional parents have just left this morning after spending the weekend. They visit 3 or 4 times a year and I make it a challenge to myself to make them eat so well that they don't notice the lack of grains. The last time (before this weekend) they visited was their Golden Wedding anniversary so I tried to make it special...although if I'm honest, apart from a fabulous cake (made with coconut flour and no refined sugar) I can't remember what I fed them. I've said to them that I tend not to eat bread and starchy carbs much, but they just wouldn't get the whole paleo/primal thing at all. My biggest challenge is getting mother over 50 years of fat phobia.

                  This time we had:

                  Saturday dinner: Beef bourgignon, cauliflower mash, savoy cabbage (steam fried and served with butter). Dessert: Coconut lime cake with greek yoghurt.
                  Sunday breakfast: Bacon, eggs (in coconut oil), mushrooms
                  Sunday lunch: Chicken soup (traditional with bone broth), cheesy muffins (made with almond flour)
                  Sunday dinner: Ate out
                  Monday breakfast: bacon and eggs
                  I also made some lovely wee raisin coconut cookies (mother says she needs to eat something with a cuppa).

                  Personally for me it was just too much - I tend to eat 2 meals a day these days...and today I feel like I don't really want to eat much...but my parents loved it. Strangely enough they were most blown away by the cauliflower mash.


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                    Thank you thank you thank you! These are all such awesome suggestions! I am going through the recipes and meal ideas and consulting my sister so we make this the best feast ever.

                    Too much is perfect- I think lots of small, good dishes will keep any of the meals from bombing. As long as there's enough variety nobody should complain that something is too odd.

                    Seriously, this is awesome. I will be meal planning and will report back!


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                      Awesome. Good luck.

                      I was a vegetarian for years... the key to entertaining when you are on a special diet is to not "fake foods". Most people don't want a tofu roast. But if you feed them a cheese lasagna, everyone wins. So when primal, don't make primal lasagna with nut noodles or something weird, make a roast beef.

                      Check out my blog. Hope to share lots of great recipes and ideas!