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Curried Salmon

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  • Curried Salmon

    Omnomnomnomnom! This was good!

    Inspired by Chef Cyrus Todiwala of Café Spice Namasté in London, who I saw on the BBC's 'Saturday Kitchen' last Saturday morning, I had a go at something similar ... his was cooked in a tandoor. Mine was under the grill/broiler.

    So, last night, I made up a marinade from probiotic yoghurt, lime juice, ground coriander, turmeric, asafoetida, cayenne pepper, black pepper and some salt I have mixed with chilli (billed as 'Bloody Mary Salt').

    Chunks of salmon in ... marinade overnight.

    Tonight, simple prep. Chopped red onion, cucumber, chilli and dill with some cider vinegar, left for about an hour; some red cabbage and beetroot in red wine vinegar left for about an hour; sweet potato, boiled, then fried off in goose fat and black mustard seeds while the salmon sat under a grill/broiler for a few minutes each side.

    Superfluous greens are wasabi greens.

    The salmon was perfect! The astringent macerated parts of the dish were perfect and the sweet potato just held it all together.


    "... needs more fish!"