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Low/no sodium bacon?

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    I also love bacon, but seem to be salt sensitive.....I feel bloated as all hell when I too much salt. But I love salty foods

    A big part of what makes bacon bacon is the salt. Its like wanting low salt ham....salt free ham is pork

    They do sell lower sodium versions if you can find them, Applegate makes some. But it is still high with 2 slices at 8% of RDA.

    Soaking the bacon in cold water in the fridge for an hour or two...preferably changing the water a couple times...will pull salt out of the bacon as well.


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      Whatever you do abseven7, don't ever eat turkey bacon.

      If you do, we have to put you in shackles in the town square for a week on display for others to see.
      "It's true, you are a good woman. Then again, you may be the antichrist."


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        You don't have bacon without salt so simply purchase pork belly and bake until crisp then slice thin.

        Grow beard, carry water.


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          Originally posted by Hannakb View Post
          BUT people eliminating junk food are on a low salt diet. They aren't eating hidden salts so a little salt here and there isn't going to hurt a healthy person on a healthy diet.

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          I saw an article a while back about American's sodium intake which had a sensationalist title saying that people need to stop eating bacon or they'll die. Hidden in the middle of the article was a ranking of foods people get most of their sodium from. Number two on the list was "processed meats including bacon". Number one by a HUGE margin was bread. Their conclusion was not to eat bacon.

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