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    Low calorie foods
    Apples are low calorie foods, negative calorie food definition: food calories less than the calories being consumed by chewing the food, which led to the absorption of calories are negative. Example: eating a food, from intake to 60 calories, but chewed and digested it needs to consume its own processes 80 calories of heat, (+60) + ( -80) =-20 cards, eat this food help you consume 20 calories, that is chewed and consumed as heat > heat of the food itself, such foods are negative calorie foods.

    Daily consumption of food, vegetables that best suits them, chewing a 100 grams of vegetables, about 25 calories can be consumed in vivo, of course, some non-vegetable foods, such as fruit, nuts class, also have the same effect, appropriate selection of matching, you can successfully lose weight while you enjoy delicious!

    List of negative calorie foods

    1. Top: highest dietary fibre content of negative calorie foods

    No.1 kelp: Low in calories only 16 calories per 100g, dietary fiber content, very chewy.

    No.2 shall: (also famous Su Hua, Wahoo fans, produced in Taiwan and Southeast Asia a green vegetable): only 16 calories per 100 grams, but their dishes are must less oil.

    No.3 pea seedlings: ultra-low heat, are most suitable for salad, but need to replace vinegar salad sauce seasoning to keep calories low.

    2. Chew when a sense of full of negative calorie foods

    Green pepper No.1: containing 25 calories per 100g, when barbecue match with grilled green pepper, really good food and nutrition and high in fibre.

    No.2 celery: Every 8-10 card-only heat, other 95% are water, nutrient-rich, rich in vitamins, minerals, cellulose, and is convenient to eat, raw storm for both.

    Cucumber No.3: Eating the most widespread, when snacks or meals are available, however due to the cold foods, deficient attention to reduce consumption of the body.

    No.4 cauliflowers: clear hot cauliflower is delicious and low calorie, biting sense of satisfied.

    No.5 shouts: shredded bamboo shoots low cards and good taste, but avoid using salad dressing mix. Heat is high.

    Reminder: relying solely on eating negative calorie foods I don't buy! Who saw the negative calorie foods, you will discover that, in addition to low calorie, high fiber can promote metabolism, these foods also are rich in a large number of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, is beneficial for the prevention of chronic diseases. But since then only eat negative calorie foods? Nutrition experts say, no way! Eat negative calorie foods to lose weight alone are not advisable, as negative calorie food provides nutrients were uneven, they find it almost impossible to provide protein and fat. Want to be healthy while eating thin, you should be in the context of a balanced diet, diet, increased negative calorie foods. Otherwise, I'm afraid weight not reduces, but lead to severe malnutrition and even trigger disease!

    Recommendation: perfect match - sweating of negative calorie foods and food

    So-called transpiration that can reach the temperature of the food is our common slightly elevated, accelerated metabolism in vivo of hot and spicy foods because these foods have a high irritation, it is difficult to separate use or heavy use, it is best to match other things into the dish, if you can mix food together with the negative calorie foods, not only can you add food delicious, can also help you with a two-pronged approach, sculpture Nice figure!

    No.1 transpiration food: Ginger fully stimulate the blood circulation, eliminate flatulence in the body, promote the secretion of gastric juice, assisting the decomposition of proteins, and many other functions, is the lifting of the finest meat flavor seasoning needed materials.

    No.2 transpiration food: pepper peppers typically have two in black and white, granulated black pepper spicy of a powdered white pepper is strong, but both black and white, its hot and spicy levels may have been temperature rises, accelerating the metabolism in the body.

    No.3 sweating food: Chili Peppers as hot and spicy foods "Jorum", its main components - spicy taste of capsaicin, can accelerate blood circulation and promote metabolism, it is said that there is pain-additional features, and pepper for improving deficiency physique has some effect.

    No.4 sweating foods: Garlic is rich in a variety of active ingredients, have a bactericidal effect, enhances energy, improving the blood circulation.

    No.5 transpiration foods: mustard mustard has anti-inflammatory, diuretic, as well as antioxidant effects, taste is more modest than spicy Wasabi, no nose and then stimulate the choke, make it hard for people to bear, making flavored dip is a unique material.

    No.6 sweating foods: Conducting special fragrance was not only dishes, also promotes excluding carcinogenic substances in vivo enzyme activity increased, so as to reduce the chances of cancer, very light blue also has an effect to stimulate intestinal peristalsis, helping digestion.

    Negative calorie diet 5 great tips

    How best to use the principle of negative calorie foods to lose weight loss, while eating a balanced, healthy, you have to master the 5 great tips!

    1. Based on six categories of foods, sugars cannot eat, afraid of too many sugar calories, can't be negative calorie result, blocking of carbohydrate is not desirable. Sugar really is our main source of body heat, but if you don't eat that generates large amounts of ketone bodies, would cause considerable harm to the body. Of course you can appropriate intake of sugar at the same time, vitamin B intake some more dietary fiber contains more cereals, balanced nutrition.

    2. protein good, fat is essential when selecting protein meant, such as eggs, meat intake is to select the contains amino acids, because of some fat-soluble vitamins that are needed by the FAT to help absorb, while fat is another source of cholesterol and hormones in our bodies generate, so proper fat intake is also required.

    3. vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber should be enough, do not forget to drink plenty of water, most negative calorie foods are rich in vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber, so eat negative calorie foods, was easily able to provide what the body needs these nutrients, but don't forget to just drink plenty of water, magnetic energy guarantee normal physical absorption, excretion unobstructed, smooth upgrade of metabolic rate!

    4. Negative calorie food specially, and 5-7 doesn't try to negative calorie food. After all, does not mean that the food does not heat or heat, is eating too much may cause excessive heat absorption. Weight loss does not increase adverse effects. The so-called "good thing", negative calorie food consumption to be properly controlled, while also bearing in mind that different categories of clever mix of vegetables and fruits, in particular, to avoid eating high sugar content in fruits, playing a weight reduction effect of negative calorie foods can be ensured.

    5. to thin out awkwardly build, campaign not abandoned don't thought master negative heat food on can to campaign throwing side, only by "eat" to thin body, effect eventually limited, only tie appropriate of campaign to upgrade themselves of basal metabolic rate, less eat more dynamic, absorption was less, consumption of more, natural on can created negative heat of results, eat down of negative heat food also to reached real of purpose, and thin behind body to newspaper strong, and has elastic of beautiful curve Ah.

    All in all - smart eating, magical effect of negative calories, you can eat more and more thinly!

    Common negative calorie foods

    Water, beverage water is usual, if the day drink 500 ml of water, the body's metabolism speeds up to 30%.

    Second, milk drinking 3~4 times daily of milk, yogurt or eaten cheese people, the body fat can be reduced by more than 70%, while female daily consumption of dairy products, eat some calcium-containing foods, to obtain best results burning fat.

    C, green tea is not only anti-cancer, anti-oxidation, as well as improving the function of metabolism. Drink 3 times a day, consuming 60,000 calories.

    Four, vegetable spinach can promote blood circulation, even further away from the heart of the two-leg had been absorbing enough nutrients, balanced metabolism, toxin-annealing effect of lectin. Celery and celery contain a lot of calcium and potassium, can reduce the accumulation of moisture in the lower body. Tomatoes can eat fresh tomatoes diuretic. Removal of leg fatigue, reduces edema. Raw is better. Cabbage contain a lot of calcium and vitamin C, can increase the metabolic rate.

    Five fruits are ideal when weight loss foods

    Apple to apply heat to 50 calories, digested and absorbed it needs about 75 calories, use it better to lose weight, but also beauty, really kill two birds.

    Papaya has a unique protein decomposition enzymes, you can clear the accumulation in lower body fat due to eating meat, and pectin contained in the papaya flesh is an excellent intestinal relief wash, costs can be reduced down to accumulate.

    Watermelon is a diuretic in fruit exports. Eating reduces the excess water in the body.

    Grapefruit very low calories, rich in potassium, and which help to reduce body fat and moisture accumulation.

    Midwifery in addition to vitamin C is its strength, and its fiber content is very rich, you can increase the speed of decomposition of fats, avoid excessive accumulation of fat legs.