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    just picked up some gluten free beer at the supermarket made by AB. God bless them! Very good stuff. Now I want to try making beer bread with it. Since I've been diagnosed with celiac, I can't use regulour wheat flour. Can anyone help?

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    I haven't tried making bread but folks here seem to use almond flour. Try searching the forum for "bread".

    Remember that any bread is heavy on carbs.
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      I don't think a primal beer bread would work simply because nut flours don't quite work the same way. However, as a cheat, you could make a gluten-free beer bread. Eat, Drink and Be Aware: The Absolute Best Gluten Free Beer Bread


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        coconut flour may work, as it needs extra liquid anyway, so you can use more of your beer in the recipe. ie 2/3c coconut flour + 1/2c beer
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