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What are your top 10 kitchen essentials?

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  • What are your top 10 kitchen essentials?

    What can't you live without in the kitchen?

    Find my top 10 here - Cookware

    Love to hear your top 10?

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    In No particular order....

    1-Le Creuset Cast Iron Wok
    2-Cast Iron fry pan/griddle, well seasoned
    3-Cast Iron Dutch Oven
    4-Damask 7" Santoku Knife
    5-Heavy Wooden Chopping Board
    6-Kenwood Pro Food Processor
    7-Granite Mortar & Pestle
    8-Large glass measuring jug (good for mixing stuff to)
    9-Le Creuset Silicone multi use spatula/spoon etc..
    10-Stainless Steel Turner
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      Knife ... likewise, Santoku
      Hand blender
      Julienne slicer/peeler
      Cast iron griddle
      Cast iron skillet
      Pyrex oven dish
      Pan/Steamer set
      Wooden spatula

      ... struggling for 10. I keep a very simple kitchen.

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        Tagine would be my no. 11
        Every time I hear the dirty word 'exercise', I wash my mouth out with chocolate.


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          Based on how often I use them (though not necessarily in that order)...

          Stove top espresso pot
          Single serve blender
          Pressure Cooker
          Coffee grinder
          Food processor
          Measuring cups and spoons
          Food scale
          Computer - it may not reside in the kitchen, but I'm constantly looking up nutrition info, recipes, etc. with it.
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            Some great lists. I should probably have included my iPad on my list, like Joanies computer my iPad spends a lot of time in the kitchen looking up an array of cooking stuff.
            sigpicDoing my 30 day paleo challenge right now


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              okay in the order of I couldn't do without....

              left hand
              right hand
              knife sharpening stone
              really good sharp knife
              cast iron four piece set. ( theoretically thats 4 - however please give me a wee bit of leeway..)
              wooden spoon
              fire of some sort
              matches or sticks to get the fire going !
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              ...small steps....


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                My food saver, it has saved me sooo much money


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                  End grain chopping board (custom, 500x400x40mm walnut, ash and cherry )
                  good 8-10" knife (my own if possible, i'm a blacksmith, otherwise i have a pattern welded blade by Owen Bush) (and stones to sharpen)
                  induction hob
                  silicone spoon/spatula
                  le creuset casserole
                  le creuset saucepan
                  tefal non-stick frying pan (induction ready)
                  le creuset roasting pan
                  phillips 700W hand blender/whisk/processor
                  deep fat fryer


                  • #10
                    -shun knives
                    -le crueset wok
                    -great grandmother's cast iron pan
                    -14" stainless steel pan
                    -stainless steel turner
                    -cast iron dutch oven
                    -roasting pan
                    -french press and coffee grinder
                    -8 cup pyrex measuring cup
                    -8qt calphalon stock pot with strainer/steamer baskets

                    and #11 (or #1 depending on how you look at it)-my 20qt stainless stockpot used as my beer brewing kettle


                    • #11
                      1. Cast Iron Skillet
                      2. Stainless Steel Turner
                      3. Deep fryer (It's a cheapie with the deathlon coating. Working on finding/affording a stainless replacement)
                      4. Aeropress
                      5. Hand-crank burr grinder
                      6. Stainless steel electric kettle
                      7. Big chef's knife
                      8. Little paring knife
                      9. Salt grinder
                      10. Crock pot

                      It was actually hard for me to even think of 10 things. I use the stovetop cooking/sauteeing stuff (1-2) and the coffee stuff (4-6) pretty much every day. I could really get by without at least half of that stuff if I had to.
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                      • #12
                        In no particular order...

                        - French press coffee pot
                        - Mug with built-in looseleaf tea strainer
                        - My huge, thin spatula (it can easily flip a big pancake or 2-3 eggs at once!)
                        - Crock Pot
                        - Ninja chopper
                        - Ninja single-serve blender
                        - Pyrex glass storage bowls with lids
                        - 3-set of silicone spatulas (small, large, and large one that is concave like a spoon)
                        - Veggie scrubbing brush
                        - All-natural veggie cleaning spray
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                          1. Knife
                          2. Bamboo cutting board
                          3. Cast iron
                          4. Metal spatula
                          5. Bamboo spatula
                          6. Stainless steel pot
                          7. Crock pot
                          8. Chopsticks
                          9. Glass roasting pan
                          10. Paring knife
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                            Used daily:
                            espresso machine and grinder
                            10" cast iron skillet
                            8" chef's knife
                            Small serrated paring knife
                            Bamboo cutting board
                            Small saucepan

                            Other pots and pans
                            10" filet knife
                            DIY sous vide set up
                            Propane grill
                            Coffee roaster
                            Toaster oven

                            Monthly, quarterly, or so:
                            Big chief smoker
                            Meat slicer
                            Slow cooker
                            Pressure cooker
                            Big easy infrared turkey roaster
                            Waffle iron

                            Have but never use: