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Sponge pudding failure, hints needed

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  • Sponge pudding failure, hints needed

    I have had such success with my primal waffles lately that I thought they would make a great topping for a baked fruit pudding.

    So, I put pears and blueberries in my dish.

    Blended my waffle mix (1 1/2 bananas, three eggs, vanilla essence and 2T cornflour).

    Poured over top and baked in oven.

    It kind of went into the fruit and then set around it as it cooked. I didn't mind that but the texture was kind of leathery. I had envisaged something lighter and fluffier, more like a sponge.

    The very same combination made excellent blueberry waffles.

    Has anyone else had success with a dessert of this nature? Where should I address my attention?
    Annie Ups the Ante

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    are you trying to make a cobbler i think it is called? kinda like a layer of cake on top of stewed fruit? i am sure the muffins and mug cakes you microwave hold the moisture in more due to the shape they are cooked in if that makes sense. ditto if you cook them in a waffle iron. they dont get leathery for that reason. i would go more for a coconut flour sponge type of recipe for a cobbler myself.


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      aah. I have yet to branch into coconut flour, but it sounds like that's the next logical step for me.
      Annie Ups the Ante


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        i made an awesome pinapple upside down cake a few months ago with coconut flour. and i do have somewhere a recipe for a coconut flour devil's food cake that everyone in my family liked. usually they dont like coconut flour cakes. you could also do like a cant remember if it is victoria sponge or a something else sponge cake topping with tapioca flour? it was one of those famous colonial cake recipes everyone made. ETA: true sponge cake!!! my mum used to make a cake like this by beating up eggs and sugar all togther till they were a light golden colour and left trails. then you add in some boiling water and melted butter and the tinsiest bit of flour which you should be able to sub with tapioca and or some coconut and or potato starch i reckon. & a recipe Chef Jeenas food recipes: Perfect sponge cake recipe