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Valentine Day Dinner Plans?

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  • Valentine Day Dinner Plans?

    I'm planning a special, romantic dinner for hubby and myself tonight. We are avoiding going out for financial reasons (son's wedding coming up this summer), and we are somewhat limited by it being a worknight for him (I have the day off) and his kung fu class later this evening. So can't be too heavy.

    So here's my plan: I've bought 6 Malapeque oysters to shuck and eat raw as appetizers. Then a bag of PEI mussels to steam in butter and white wine sauce. Usually this would be accompanied by lots of white bread for sauce-sopping, but I have found that eating the broth with a soup spoon is just as yummy. Nice salad with avocado and an oil and vinegar dressing. We're not dessert eaters, so there's no dessert planned. I have a 90% Lindt bar in reserve if I need a wee bite, but hubby won't care at all.

    Who else has a special supper planned? Let's share ideas...

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    That sounds absolutely scrumptious. And sexy!

    We're having filet mignon wrapped in bacon, with sauteed shrooms, roasted charred brussels sprouts, and mashed sweet potatoes. For dessert, heavy whipped cream and chocolate dipped strawberries. Everything's primal. We don't usually have such elaborate meals but it's special!
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      This is going to be a great thread, I can tell! Lots of romantic dinner ideas for any day! I'm doing lamb loins, sliced thinly over potato galettes and minted pease pudding. I baked a chocolate torte last night and the point is to eat lightly enough so we don't just roll into bed and commence the snoring.


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        I'm not seeing my fiance until tomorrow (boo!), but I'll be coating some raspberries in dark chocolate as a treat when I'm round at his place.
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          Smoked salmon, caviar and aubergine & creme fraiche dip for starters.
          Salmon sous vide and Hollandaise with roasted roots for main.
          Raspberry souffle for pud.

          Perrier alongside; Laurent Perrier, naturally!

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            Hubby and I together will make a heart-shaped primal pizza for dinner (we seldom eat dairy, so this is a treat!)

            What we will have for dessert is none of anyone's business.


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              I do the cooking, but last year Mrs. FW and I cooked a meal together, had a little bubbly, just lots of fun. She loved it. In fact, she wants to do the same menu this year: a fish stew, and chocolate souffle. (Souffles are not as challenging as most people think, and if you enjoy eggs, they're rockingly Primal.)

              May pick up some oysters this weekend, been craving them!


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                My dinner was a resounding success. The raw oysters were delicious (so says hubby - I'm a bit iffier on raw oysters). The mussels were also lovely, and the goat cheese and rice cracker appetizer was praised too.

                Now I'm sitting here sipping on the remainder of the very good bottle of white wine used for the mussels. Ah, life is good!


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                  Pot roast, root vegetables, hazelnut torte with whipped cream.


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                    We split a gorgeous rib eye, roasted root veggies, little rice, pear salad with goat cheese, strawberries in cream.
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                      It was great. Wild gulf shrimp / Maine Lobster and Alaskan King Crab Legs all with grass fed butter/ organic coctail sauce and localy made very high quality all natural ice cream!!!!