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Why can't I peel an egg?!??

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  • Why can't I peel an egg?!??

    No matter which way I hard-boil an egg I can never seem to peel them without a lot of the white coming off with the shell. I've tried adding salt or baking soda to the water. I have tried different cooking times. I've tried boiling and baking.

    Has anyone found a way to successfully peel eggs? It drives me crazy!!!

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    Your eggs might be too fresh. Sometimes that makes hard boiled eggs hard to peel.
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      Nope... not too fresh. I am aware that can make them harder to peel. How do you cook yours? How long? Do you peel while still warm or completely cold? What's the secret? Lol.


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        I typically do it while still slightly warm. Tap a few times and then roll it a few times on the counter and then start peeling


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          Peel under running water. Use Julia Childs recipe for boiling. She boils, then ices, then puts in hot water again to loosen the shell.


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            I have found that peeling them while still "hot" the membrane on the inside of the shell doesn't adhere to the white and the eggs come out much nicer.


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              Steaming, instead of boiling, is supposed to give consistently easy to peel eggs.
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                I too find that that still warm is the way to go, I usally put the eggs in cold water, bring to the boild, slap the lid on the pan when it's up to a fast boil, turn the heat off and give it 10 mins, then pour off the water, cover with cold, then peal after that.

                Cracking the shells all over seem to help so roll around on the worktop or I use the back of a tea-spoon to bash the shell.

                My final tip which seem to work each time for me is to use a tea-spoon with a thin flat handle, once you've found the air pocket you slip the tea-spoon handle inbetween the shell and the egg and use it to peel the egg. This vid shows it using the spoon bit, I usally give the shell a good cracking first and use the handle.

                Apparantly you can blow them out too

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                  My grandma said that after boiling the eggs you have to put them in cold water, thats what makes them easy to peel. Works for me.


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                    add bicarb to the water before you extract the eggs. Can't recall the reason but it works

                    Or roll along a bench and start peeling from the air pocket


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                      This works so great; perfect every time.
                      I do 10 minutes for 4 hard boiled, 8 mins for soft.
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                        Pinch of baking soda in the cooking water should help. Cool thoroughly in water. Use older eggs.
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                          Originally posted by Sandra in BC View Post
                          Pinch of baking soda in the cooking water should help. Cool thoroughly in water. Use older eggs.
                          I always heard the opposite. Vinegar (acid) in the cooking water, baking soda (alkaline) in the ice bath.
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                            I do what Tribal Rob does with the teaspoon.

                            One thing - do you get them straight from the fridge or are they at room temperature? I only ask because my eggs are normally at room temperature but one time I got them from the fridge and then I ended up taking off a lot of the white when it came to peeling the shell off.

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                              I've tried ALL these things and just gave up... None of these things works for me--so i simply crack it in the middle, use my thumbs to open the egg up into two pieces, and scoop out the lovely stuff with a spoon! No prob, unless you want deviled eggs...!