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Dairy, Egg and nut free recipes

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  • Dairy, Egg and nut free recipes

    I feel ridiculously stupid asking for help but I am looking for ideas that are dairy, egg and nut/seed free. Obviously meat and veggies or a salad with meat but anything else anyone can think of? The things I made before needing to go egg, dairy and nut free are all I can think of now so I need some new ideas before I go crazy! Thanks!!

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    Mark's post from saturday has great options:

    5 Primal Meals in Just 35 Minutes | Mark's Daily Apple

    i tried the beef and creamed spinach last night and couldn't get enough of it.


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      Thanks! The beef and creamed spinach does look really good. And this made me remember I have salmon in the freezer so I can use it to make lunch today.


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        A lot of Indian-style meat curries can be modified to Paleo using coconut cream instead of cream and served with steamed or curried veg. I am a wimp and don't add chilli (or just a pinch) if heat worries you. It's the other spices that make it taste good.

        Laska without the noodles is still yummy, even with half the spices missing - kaffir lime leaves make everything taste good.

        Any pasta sauces (clam, bolognese, chicken and olive, etc) served over steamed veg is good.

        We found a sugar-free fish sauce in a Philipino grocery store that packed a punch. We now use it (sparingly) in stir fries.

        Panfried whole baby root veg (carrot, beetroot, sweet potato, turnip), whole green beans and asparagus make a delicious, quick accompaniment with a more basic meat, like steak.

        A simple meal that actually tastes quite good is chicken legs (thigh fillets also work), any kind of chunky cut veg (cabbage, swede, carrot, etc), tin whole tomato chopped a bit in the can, pepper and salt to taste, fill pot to just cover with water (stock is optional) and simmer until chicken is done in about half an hour.


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          My favourite is mushrooms (any - champignons or wild) chopped up with leek (or onion, or endives), add some pork lardons (small pieces of bacon), coconut milk or cream (may skip those), may add some olive oil or any fat, fry for a while. Or just endives with lardons.
          Zuccini with carrots.