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Coconut aminos or tamari

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  • Coconut aminos or tamari

    Hi everyone

    I have been looking at Mark's 5 receipes in 35 mins and they do look so good. I noticed ingredients I had not heard of before (coconut aminos or tamari) on his steak stir fry and wondered if I could buy these in the UK. Searching the forum, I see they are gluten free soy sauce. Can we get anything like this in the UK? Many thanks.

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    Tamari isent to hard to find, You could probably find at most large supermarkets.. right next to the soysauce.. If not then I get mine from here Tamari Soy Sauce - Buy Online.

    Havent seen coconut aminos here yet.
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      Amazon has coconut aminos. Not sure about whether they ship to you though, I have managed to find it locally online.


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        AmazonUK dosent have it but I found a couple places that do
        Raw Coconut Aminos (8oz / 237ml) - Seasonings - Eat

        Coconut Aminos RAW (237ml) - Coconut Secret - Stocked by Raw Living EU

        RAW Coconut Aminos 237ml, Organic Food UK
        Every time I hear the dirty word 'exercise', I wash my mouth out with chocolate.


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          Thanks guys for the suggestions. I shall certainly be checking them out


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            I'm intrigued to try coconut amino, but balk at the price!

            For now, I'm just sticking with proper Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce boosted with fish sauce if necessary. The UK bottle differs from the US, the only negative really being a touch of sugar.

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              This is what I buy.

              San-J Tamari Black Label Soy Sauce -- 10 fl oz - Vitacost

              I just picked up the monster 20oz bottle from Whole Foods for $3.99. Typical soy sauce is shoyu - it is mellowed out by adding wheat. Tamari is supposed to be just soy (some still sneak in wheat though so read). It is much stronger and more robust than soy sauce. Truly delicious in small quantities.

              I see no point in purchasing coconut aminos, especially since it's so wildly overpriced. Unless you have a soy allergy, fermented non-GMO soy (like the San J brand) should be pretty harmless. San J also carries an organic kind as well for a few more bucks.

              San-J Organic Wheat Free Tamari Soy Sauce -- 10 fl oz - Vitacost
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