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Any no tree nut trail mix out there?

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  • Any no tree nut trail mix out there?

    So I have been doing the Primal for about 2 weeks It has been interesting bringing in principles of primal into our home (so far so good). I am enjoying looking for new recipes and trying them out on the kids. Slowly but surely the junky foods are disappearing from the house (cereals and cracker snacks). In order to replace those I'm looking for a recipe for a nice trail mix type snack (this is what will be able to go into the kids lunch as well at school as well as be on hand to grab and go).

    Here's the thing, my husband is deathly allergic to tree nuts and I want to keep him around a while Any ideas for a yummy trail snack?

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    I guess it would be best to make your own. Maybe various dried fruits (apricots, dates, figs, bananas, cherries) mixed with seeds (pumpkin, sunflower) instead of nuts. You could even add bits of jerky in there for protein. And coconut flakes (is coconut is not also allergenic for your husband). Those could provide the fat that the nuts would have been providing. Dark chocolate would also be nice.

    Or just find a totally different replacement like jerky, hard boiled eggs, etc.


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      Awesome! Sounds Super yummy!


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        Just buy the dried nuts/seeds/fruits you like (& preferably ones that wont kill hubby) toss in a bowl & mix, ad coconut flakes &/or Chocolate chunks if wanted.. there you go

        some "nutty things that might be ok (depends on hubby's allergy's obviously)
        Pine nuts
        Pumpkin seeds
        Coconut chunks
        Apricot Kernels
        Melon seeds
        Pomegranate seeds
        Sunflower seeds
        Every time I hear the dirty word 'exercise', I wash my mouth out with chocolate.