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    This was amazing:
    PaleOMG – Paleo Recipes – Blueberry and Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding

    I whipped up some heavy cream to go on top, yum. It was so good I just last night made a variation. I did a peach-pecan bread pudding (just sub out the blueberries and choc chips for diced peaches and pecans). I then made a whiskey sauce with coconut milk, a bit of arrowroot for thickening, your sweetener of choice and whiskey. So good. Definitely not an all-the-time treat, but something you can take to a gathering and have even non-paleo types snarf it up!


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      Oh, also, for the frozen banana types, this:
      Chocolate Bacon Almond Butter Bananas | Civilized Caveman Cooking Creations

      I made 4 of these, using sunbutter instead of almond. My non-paleo SO, who usually squints suspiciously at my paleo concoctions, ate 3 of them. The one I got was delicious though!


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        Gelatinized Heavy Cream

        1 tablespoon of plain gelatin
        1/3 cup of cold water
        1-2/3 cup heavy cream, at room temperature
        1 teaspoon vanilla or other flavoring
        sweetening (If you use natural sweetening such as syrup, you should reduce the volume of cream accordingly)

        Sprinkle gelatin over water and allow to become wet. Heat until melted. Add remaining ingredients. Pour into individual serving dishes or a large dish.


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          Frozen mixed berries with coconut cream or -full fat milk. The coconut milk freezes, berries melt and release some juice during the mixing. Instant berry ice cream! You could add sweetener, but I don't really think that's necessary.